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D'Marie Dowe is an emerging filmmaker.  She started her filmmaking career by completing an MA in screenwriting at LCC. Before working as a filmmaker D'Marie had a career in the social care field working with children, young people and families, as part of a multi-agency team of public servants; she draws from her experiences to enhance the authenticity of the story worlds she creates.  
She has recently, penned and, made her directing debut on the upcoming short film 'Say Nothing'. D'Marie spent 5 years as a script judge for the British Urban Film Festival, and many selected writers obtained agents and received broadcast commissions soon after.

D'Marie has recently collaborated with award-winning filmmakers Mo Ali, and Darcia Martin, on their solo projects (in a scriptwriting capacity). In 2020 D'Marie developed a TV bible for a young adult show (under the Banijay group) this has now gone into development, and she is contracted to write for the show. 

D'Marie fully understands the mechanics of good storytelling and she has a firm grasp of the marketplace; in 2021 she took on a temporary role at ITV working in their commissioning department as a drama/comedy development editor. D'Marie gained a great deal of experience at ITV, but she recognises her skills and passions for TV and film are better utilised in the projects she creates and develops. D'Marie takes notes exceptionally well, she’s extremely professional in her approach to her work, and she is a 'glass half full' type of gal. D'Marie's outgoing personality has amassed a large number of industry peers whom she can call on from time to time on her filmmaking journey.

D'Marie is developing her slate of projects.
She is available to consult and collaborate as a screenwriter or script consultant on third-party projects that align with her interests.

D'Marie Productions also acts as a development agency. DMP help you to develop your scripts, your pitch documents and assists you in connecting with other creatives who can support you in bringing your project to market.

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