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D'Marie Dowe is an emerging writer/director.  She started her filmmaking career by completing an MA in screenwriting at LCC. Before working as a filmmaker D'Marie had a career in the social care field working with children, young people and families, as part of a multi - agency team of public servants; she draws from her experiences to enhance the authenticity of the story-worlds she creates.  

She has recently, penned and, made her director debut on the upcoming short film 'Say Nothing'. D'Marie spent 5 years as a script judge for a British LondonFilm Festival; a great deal of selected writers obtained agents and received broadcast commissions soon after.

D'Marie has recently collaborated with award winning filmmakers Mo Ali, and Darcia Martin, on their solo projects (in a scriptwriting capacity).

D'Marie fully understands the mechanics of good storytelling and she has a firm grasp of the market place; she takes notes exceptionally well, she’s extremely professional in her approach to her work, and she is a 'glass half full' type of gal. D'Marie's outgoing personality has amassed her a large amount of industry peers who she can call on from time to time on her filmmaking journey. D'Marie was recommended for the BBC New Voices Initiative by Lime Productions, her pilot children's script 'My teacher the Warlock' was submitted and  successfully secured her a place; D'Marie has been asked to have a follow up meeting with the BBC's Writersroom.


MA Films| Get over it | 2020 Completed

Scriptwriter (short film) Drama about a mother and daughter who take their first journey into the outside world post the first COVID lockdown

Inspired Media Collective | Say Nothing| 2021 In Post Production

Writer/Director (short film) For more info read blurb below

Independent Producer| Conscience | 2021 In Pre - Production

Lead writer (short film) Youth Drama about how one choice can lead to devastating consequences.

D'Marie Productions |Pitching| The English Boxer | In pre - production

A young black boxer takes on the biggest fight of his life when he comes up against the British press, he finally gains the respect he has always craved at a moment when he no longer cares. (A 100 min Biopic feature about Chris Eubank's tumultuous relationship with the British Press, and how one fight turned things around). Polished draft available, the script has Chris Eubank's full backing. (Writer/Producer). Mo Ali attached as director.


Pitching| Voodoo Ray (working title)| a cop buddy body swap series 2021

Logline: A grieving mother casts a spell on a white policeman and a young black boy causing them to body switch, they have a limited amount of time to solve murders in their community before they become trapped forever. (A 60 min  TV  Magical Realism Drama: a returnable mini - series. This project examines the lack of social cohesion between the black community and the British police; Each week our dual protagonists search for the keeper of the body switch portal, the murderer, and they debunk a piece of their own prejudices). (18 - 24 audience, suited to an SVOD network). Script, pitching deck, and series outline available. (Proof of concept filmed in fully funded film 'Say Nothing'.

Pitching| My teacher the warlock| 2021

Wade Wright, tries to prevent his teacher from gaining super powers and taking over the world, but this is Wade's only available school place and he cannot afford to jeopardise it. (A 24 min TV Fantasy Drama: a returnable mini series. There are witches, and Warlocks living amongst us everyday who want to harm children and create a new world order. Each episode will see Wade, and a friend, risk their safety as they try to expose their teacher's plans, pass their Stats, and deal with their family issues. My Teacher The Warlock is a battle of wits, it is good vs evil, it is about the abuse of power). Script, pitching deck, and series outline available. 

Pitching| My Life in Black & White| 2020

A single black Jamaican mother moves her four young children to a croft in Milton Keynes to provide them with a better lifestyle: being the only family of colour  they have to deal with poverty, isolation, prejudice, and creating brand new friendships. (A 60 min family drama. Each week Nevadne has to invent creative ways to feed her children and find ways to navigate through a racist patriarchal society at a time when single mothers were frowned upon. This is based on my real life. It is a tale about community cohesion). Script, pitching deck, and series outline available.  (Received some development from Kindle Ent - submitted to Sky Table Reads before COVID).

Pitching| Clout Chasers| 2020

Two fashion undergrads do everything, and anything to go viral to shift their designs, if they fail to sell their clothes they fail to eat and pay rent. (A 30 min young adult sitcom. Each week Keisha and Mason land themselves in a mess trying to go viral, and have to find ways out of it. This is about generation Z wanting quick money, but learning that there is no quick reward without hard sacrifice). Script, pitching deck, and series outline available.  

Pitching| Brothers| 2021 A family sitcom

Logline: three estranged paternal brothers discover they have inherited half a million pounds, in order to receive it they have to live with and raise their nine-year-old privileged brother. 

Pitch deck and pilot script available on request

A.S.Productions| D.A.D.S (AKA Dangerous And Deadly Sentences)| 2020 A family action drama - 60 min

Logline: a youth worker who desperately attempts to find his missing son is wrongly accused of a crime, his attempts to clear his name ends in murder.

Polished pilot script available on request

Brand New Ideas

The Woods| 2021

Logline and Premise available on request - A light hearted family drama for Children's TV  (22 mins)

My dad's a superhero| 2021

Logline and Premise available on request - Children's comedy  (22 mins)

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